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Aaron Matthews a.k.a. Bro-Bro

Wood Sign Carver / Chef Boy-R-D / Carni / Favorite Brother From the Same Mother

I met my brother when he kicked me out of favorite child position at 15 months old. Hahaha! Not a lot of space between us, and that made us very close growing up. It was kind-of an automatic that we did everything together - rode bikes, built forts, climbed trees, chased frogs, caught polywogs, compared which candy we were getting at 7-eleven, etc.

We have just now started to get close again - at 43 and 44. I blame it on his endless string of girlfriends named Jessica. He blames it on my career.

We're both right, and we agree on that.


It turns out we're both artists, which is kinda rad if you think about it. And we both work in 3 dimensions. I'm damn proud of what he's accomplished as a business owner doing something that he loves and takes great pride in. I always thought he was a carni - and he is - in the sense that he works at carnivals (county fairs actually).

Now my carni brother teaches me about crypto.

You just never know what little brothers will spring on you next!


My brother is extremely loyal and generous. And he has a much bigger "family" than just us blood-relateds he's stuck with.

He's the mayor of everywhere he goes - because he genuinely interacts with others in a way that makes them feel seen, heard and accepted.

Look at the facial expressions in his instagram photos of people holding his carved signs. They are deeply touched. That is an additionally damn fine talent.


I know that I can depend on him for anything.

As he says -

family first.

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