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Bexlie Tate Daniells

Girl Scout / World Record Holder / Go-Getter / Tough Cookie / My Spirit Animal

Bexlie Tate Daniells: Girl Scout / World Record Holder / Go-Getter / Tough Cookie / My Spirit Animal

I met Bexlie while sitting in the chair of her mom's hair salon. She was coming back from dance class and dressed like a ballerina, with a cute little round bun in her hair. She was talkative and sweet and polite and confident.

Bexlie reminds me of myself when I was exactly her age -

leotard and pink ballerina flats and all.


Bexlie is my current youngest interview by far...by 18 years. I hadn't considered interviewing "kids" until I realized that she has THE energy that I identify in adults and intentionally capture and share through my interview process. It was eye-opening for me.

I thought life-lived experience and wisdom were required for my interviewees to be able to contribute meaningfully.

She sure taught me a lesson!

Old soul, she is.


Bexlie's mom is Mera, my bleach blonde guru, friend, and interviewee. I grew my dark roots back over 6 months and then flew back from Costa Rica just to get in her chair. This is a major bow to her chemistry finesse and not so much an advertisement as I don't think she's taking new clients right now, to the torture of all those who love my hair as much as I do.


Bexlie thinks her mom being on my podcast is the best thing since sliced bread. I had no idea she would be so dang excited for me to interview her. Clearly, I am still retraining my brain to think more like a 9 yr-old #goals I didn't realize until I was on my way over to her house for the interview that

she is the world record youngest person interviewed on a podcast - according to what's been registered with Guinness.

Pretty friggin' cool.

And pretty sure this won't be her last world record!


I wasn't joking when I put one of Bexlie's titles as my spirit animal. She is way more confident, articulate and courageous than I was at her age - and maybe even am now, hah! She inspires me. When in doubt, just think, "What Would Bexlie Do?" ;)

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