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Brooke Luallen

Plant Dyer / Art Teacher / Mega Multi-Tasker / Humanitarian

I met Brooke by seeing her in the magazine edible San Joaquin, cold-messaging her through @instagram, and asking her for an interview. She graciously accepted and the rest it history. Actually herstory!


Brooke invited me into her home and her studio.

The minute I arrived and fully realized how full this woman's life is,

I felt so humbled that she had made time for me - a literal stranger

- to invite me into her world.


Brooke and I gel like old sisters. We are neither old, nor sisters, but you get the point. By the time she was done with me,

I was sitting on concrete watching her mash flowers into fabric with a rubber mallet.

Now that's what we call a good time, folks!


I adore her passion for making the world a better place

- through teaching others, through helping others, and through using kitchen "waste" to create beautiful, sustainable, wearable art.

Brooke is a total gem.


You can purchase Brooke's one-of-a-kind pieces and find out when her next plant dye teaching workshop is by checking out her instagram @smith.and.len

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