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Elowyn Dickerson

Updated: Mar 23

Illustrator / Digital Artist / Real Life Sweetheart / Actual Fairy-Tale Princess

I met Elowyn through @instagram. I found out about her through a magazine called edible San Joaquin, which I had picked up in my ceramic studio Good Dirt Pottery, in Fresno, CA.


I was drawn to her drawing and watercolor style - the "Ramen" one is especially appealing to me because I love ramen, cooking, and the brightness of this artwork. It is simply genius to do a recipe as a visual work of art.


Her art is joyful, uplifting, and informational.

Elowyn in real life is all of these things, and so much more. I was so honored that she said yes to me - a stranger - asking her for an interview out of the blue. I was so honored that she invited me to her personal studio. This is a sacred space for an artist, and she shares it with everyone, openly.


Elowyn is an artist for the people.

She wants to impact others positively with what she creates, and yet she is not people pleasing. She is refreshingly herself, which makes me more comfortable being in my own skin as well. Elowyn may not realize this fully but she truly gives people permission to be themselves, and that's a rare find.


If you're out and about at Art Hop Fresno, look for her. She's hard to miss ;)

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