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Mom a.k.a. Aileen Gray

Updated: Mar 23

Super Singer / Uke Strummer / One and Only Mama / Funny Gal

Mom: Super Singer / Uke Strummer / One and Only Mama / Funny Gal

This one goes without saying really.

I've known my mom for 44 years...and 9 months. Boy, have we been through it. I can attest to the fact that you get back from your kids how you were with your parents. My son gave it right back to me. At that point, all you can do is laugh and be humble, apologize, and forgive your parents.


My mom has always called me a "strong-willed child."

I recently said to her that it's a damn good thing I am - it has brought me great tenacity and perseverance, as well as leadership and direction. I also told her I only had to be strong-willed as a response to her being stubborn :) See, it never ends - the harassment of a child to their parent. We laugh about it now.


We laugh a lot. And we dance in the living room singing to Ariana Grande together.

I don't remember us doing that when I was younger. We are closer now than we've been since I can remember and I'm immensely enjoying us getting to know each other more every day.


If you love someone unconditionally, you put in the work to be patient with them, and yourself, and try to walk in their shoes to try to understand their perspective.

I suppose I learned that from my mama.

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